What do I get?

The world's most awesome t-shirt. Seriously.

I'm working on getting a tshirt designed that you can wear, use to inspire your own friends to sign up, or use to clean your kitchen...

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This project is about GETTING OUT from behind your screens, your phones, your tablets, your iPads, your iPhones, your Macs and your laptops. Reach out, Get Out, and spend time with those who love you.

What's this all about?

I make mobile phones for a living, BUT - it really gets to me when I see so many of us walking around with our heads down in their screen. And it gets to me when I hear so many friends struggle with online interactions and how unsatisfying they are. My personal story includes a long battle with depression, and I've created LOVE as my strategy for dealing with this. So this project was born to inspire and gather people's stories of human connections in the hopes of pulling us just a little in the opposite direction, towards rather than away from each other.

What do I have to do?

  1. Sign up by calling me or sending me an email:  Contact
  2. Pick three people or groups of people that you're going to reach out to. Maybe they're someone you haven't talked to in a while. Maybe someone you've been meaning to talk to but haven't got round to it. Maybe someone you spend time texting instead of talking with in real life.
  3. Then just call them! Pick something to go do with them. It might be hiking a hill, planning a dinner party, creating an art project together or just having a phone call. Have a conversation with them about what's up for them in their lives right now. And share what's true for you.
  4. Tell us about it. Take a picture together and share your story. Please email or call me and tell me about it, and we'll get it posted in Stories and on Facebook. Then I'll send you your tshirt!

​My hope is that you sharing your stories of connections you've made will inspire the rest of us to GET OUT and love ourselves.

Sign Me Up!

Fantastic! Go to the contact page above and reach out to me. Call me and introduce yourself, or drop me an email. Tell me your tshirt size. And then GET OUT! Call someone you haven't seen for a while and go run up a mountain with them. Or work out. Or go roller skating. Or whatever works for you! GET OUT AND LOVE.